21 may. 2008

Chilean documentary filmmaker Elena Varela was arrested almost two weeks ago by the chilean police.

Before Elena Varela was arrested she was working on a documentary about the fight of the Mapuche people (primitive inhabitants of southern Chile) for their rights and the defense of their original living conditions.

Elena has been accused of a former membership to a revolutionary group that participated in a series of violent assaults in the years of 2004 and 2005 and will have to face a trial.

All the material recorded for her documentary, "Newen Mapuche", about the Mapuche people and material for another documentary that Elena was working on was taken away from her by the police and is being investigated by the chilean law enforcement system and might be used for obtaining confidential information about the participants and supporters of the Mapuche cause

Hereby we, chilean audiovisualists, convoke the international community to condemn Elena´s imprisoning and to demand the immediate devolution of the working material that was confiscated by the chilean police.

In this Blog you will find a suggested letter that condemns the described situation and that should be signed in order to conform a group of pressure for Elena´s liberation.

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